CoreXY: Waterjet Aluminum Revision 1

This is the first version of CoreXY designed with precision guides to allow it to position accurately under load. Owing to the tools readily available at MIT, it was built from a single sheet of aluminum plate that was cut on a waterjet. Several additional components were laser-cut from acrylic sheet. Assembly was quick, mostly due to the use of epoxy to hold the guide bushings to the aluminum plate.


Core XY Demo with PCB Milling

The Device


Shoulder screws create cantilevered bearings for the idler pulleys.X-axis bushings are epoxied onto carriage.
Y-axis bushings are epoxied with support from retainer clips.Belts are attached to carriage with toothed clips.
Belt tension is applied by sliding stepper motor in mounting slots.A spindle was designed to attempt milling PCBs with the stage.
Spindle mounted to stage.Stage mounted to an old Multifab Z axis frame.
Ready to mill!PCB milled by stage.

Bill of Materials

VendorPart #QTYDescriptionUnit CostTotal CostNotes
McMaster6061K222Precision Shaft, 3/8" OD x 9" L$4.36$8.72
6061K1082Precision Shaft, 3/8" OD x 10" L$5.00$10.00
6381K4516Bushing, 3/8"ID, 1/2"OD, 1/2"L$1.46$8.76
1679K6861MXL Timing Belt, 1/4"W, 77"L$4.36$8.72
92095A18320eaBHCS, M3x12$4.00/pk$4.00100/pack, for t slots
92095A1818eaBHCS, M3x8$9.37/pk$9.37100/pack, for motors
94150A32520eaNUT, M3$3.08/pk$3.08100 per pack, for t slots
8505K82214.5mm Cast Acrylic, 12"x24"$15.16/sh$15.16thickness varies
SDP/SIA 6T16M018DF60052Timing Pulley, 18T MXL$5.81$11.62Drive pulleys
A 6M16M018DF60068Timing Pulley, 18T MXL$3.67$29.36Idler Pulleys
S99GGFM05060516Bushing, 5mm ID, 6mm OD$1.22$19.52Idler Pulley Bushings
A 9X25M04208Shoulder Screw, 5mm OD, 20mm L, M4$2.83$22.64Idler Pulley Posts
Lin Engineering4209L-03-012Stepper, NEMA17, 0.9deg/step$9.99$19.98from Alltronics
generic13/16" Alu. plate, 12"x14" min.


File NameDescription
corexyr1_SW.zipZIP file of all components in Solidworks format
corexyr1_IGES.zipZIP file of all components in IGES format
corexyr1_DXF.zip2D DXF files for all waterjet and lasercut components


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